Walking Stick and Cane Flutes

Walkabout Walking Stick and Walking Cane Flutes come standard with chimney block,
leather wrapped handle with wrist strap and rubber end stop for protection).
Side Blown Only. Please Specify Right or left Hand on Bottom.
Flutes are approximately 50" in length. These Walking stick flutes are surprisingly sturdy and can bear my full weight (170 lbs.) when completely vertical. They will break as will most any walking stick if abused or fallen upon, but should hold up to the rigors of normal trail hiking. Woods available may vary by key. (Walking Cane Flutes Please Specify Height).
In Keys of A, G#, G & F# $450
Keys of F & E $ 495

Key of C# & D $525


Walking Cane Flute

Decoration not Included. Handle replaces leather of the Walking Stick at no extra cost. I made this when Kitty injured herself. Of course She did the decoration.