Bass & Sub-Bass Flutes

Standard Bass Flutes


All Bass Flutes may have the Side-Blown option added for an additional $45. See picture of Bass G Flute below. Please mention at the time of ordering. 

Key of Bass/Middle C $425 

Key of Bass B $435 

Key of Bass Bb $455 

Key of Bass A $475 (A=220) 

Key of Bass G# $475 

Key of Bass G $495 

Key of Bass F# $525

Ultra Low


Key of Ultra Low F $625
Key of Ultra Low E $625
Key of Ultra Low Eb $65
(F, E, & Eb Can be En-Blown by some. Side-Blown Recommended.
Please Specify Right or left Hand on the Bottom)

Side Blown Only 

Key of Ultra Low D $675 

(Side Blown Only With Extended Mouthpiece.) Sub C# and Lower, 3rd hole from the end of the flute is a thumb hole.

Key of Ultra Low C# $850 

Sub-Bass Blutes


Key of Sub-Bass C $895

Sub-Bass C Sound Bite

Courtesy of Robin Schnieder 

All Keys Lower than Sub-Bass C are 5 hole 

Key of Sub-Bass B $950 

Key of Sub-Bass Bb $1050 

Key of Sub-Bass A $1175 (A=110) 

Sub-Bass A Sound Bite

Picture1, Picture2, Extended Mouthpiece Option $100 Standard on Sub C# and Lower at no extra cost)