Contemporary Native American Style Flutes by Colyn Petersen, Artwork by Kitty Brougham

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Welcome to the Home Page of Woodland Voices Flutes. Here you will find high-quality, concert-tuned instruments inspired by the First Peoples of the Americas. We make no claim of Native American heritage in any way, nor have we ever. We offer our flutes in a variety of keys and woods at a reasonable price. At Woodland Voices we have only one level of quality, or in other words, we do not associate price tag with the amount of time spent voicing and tuning an instrument. The amount of care that is necessary is given to each and every flute so that it may play and sound as good as it can--without the hype. We let the flutes speak for themselves.


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• Kitty's Art House now up and Running

• Now offering Arabian Tuning in Mid G

Free Woodlands wrap with every 3rd flute purchase.

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In-Stock Flutes & Stuff

Pictures of Flutes for Sale
Look here For Available Flutes of All Types. Each Flute comes with a fleece bag except for Walking Cane and Walking Stick Flutes.

Standard Flutes

From High G to Mid C#

Bass and Sub-Bass Flutes

Middle C through A2, (two below Middle C)

Birdhead Flutes

Birds That Have Flown By.
Requests Welcome

Walking Stick and Cane Flutes

For Hiking or Mobility Assistance

Shin-Sei Shakuhachi

Wooden 1.8 & 2.0 Shakuhachi


Block Options

Pictured is Woodland Voices Signature 3-Hole Block. Click to see other options


Wraps and Tie Options

Custom Flute Artwork

Talk to Kitty and come up with a plan for your perfect  personal expression on your flute.

Other Fun Stuff

Kitty's Site

What Kitty has been up to besides work and flutes

Nut Jobs™

Repurposed Rattle Nuts with a new life and personality. Collaborative Work by Colyn & Kitty

Flute Maker's Five

Occasional offerings when I have time

Family Page

Through The Years

Sam's Utaguchi and Rim Blown Flute Edge Covers

Pueblo & Shakuhachi blowing edge covers by Sam
Now in several sizes XS, S, M, L & XL Supplementing College For Sam
Please specify outer diameter


A short list of customer comments

5th Harmonies for Accompanying Flutes

Circle of 5ths

Clockwise is a 5th above while counterclockwise is a fifth below.
For example, if you had a low C, a 5th above would be a mid G and a 5th below would be a Bass F. G# is the same as Ab (A Flat), F# the same as Gb, C# = Db,
D# = Eb, A# =Bb, B = Cb, E = Fb, C = B#, F = E#

Artists Who Have Used Our Instruments

Ron Warren

Dancing The Full Moon

  • Dancing The Full Moon
  • Many Roads Home
  • River and Circle
  • Morning Star Evening Star

Mary Youngblood

Pictured is Mary's Signature flute with Woodland Voices. SOLD OUT

Michael Brant De Maria

  • "Heart of Silence"
    Featuring Woodland Voices Sub-Bass C and A Flutes

Mark Holland and Autum's Child

  • Flute Flight
  • Anything's Possible
  • Circle of Sound
  • Somewhere New

Rona Yellow Robe

  • Lighting Our Way
  • The Gathering
  • Shoot For the Moon

And Others

If you were not mentioned and would like to be just let us know.


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