Ron Warren

Hey Colyn & Kitty
Well, what can I say? Your flutes are on more than half the tracks. (2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11). They sound great with other instruments, beautiful by themselves, can whisper, caress, or roar as needed. Thank you! Hope you enjoy it.

Safe Journeys - Ron


Hello Colyn

I just received today my Myrtle C# flute from you. Took a bit more than usual but it arrived safe and sound. They did caught me at customs, $45 for duties plus fixed fee, but this is OK and worth it...

Now the flute: absolutely INCREDIBLE. This is my first one from you, and I did have high expectations, but they have been surpassed. Incredible clarity and voice for a bass flute. It responds extremely well to variations in breathing strength, allowing to make effects easily.

As for the look: Kitty’s art is even nicer than on pictures. The details on the wood, the delicate painting... I must confess this flute was calling me but I was a bit unsure about the specific art: flowers? quite “Ying” for a fairly “Yang” guy but I am now sold and it suits the flute perfectly. Also helps me explore my softer side :-)

So: HUGE THANKS for letting this flute come my way. Be assured it has found a great and loving home in Old Europe!  The second one (A# Ambrosia Maple) is still in the mail but very much awaited. Will let you know as soon as it arrives. For sure it won’t be my last one from you - I won’t stop at two.... Lovely that you are posting so many new flutes on your website, so I will be able to do a regular treasure search.

Blessings and thanks again to you and Kitty for “birthing” such nice flutes :-)


Mark Holland

Colyn is another "young lion" flute maker who is taking the flute to new heights. His flutes have a nice full voice tone with strong volume. Colyn's flutes are both aurally and visually wonderful. I am big fan of husband and wife teams when it comes to art. Kitty probably does some of the best woodburning artwork around. These flutes should satisfy those looking for a flute that has both the sound and look of great art!

Mark Holland

Rita Coolidge

Dear Colyn: Thank you so much for your beautiful gift!

Your creation will be played with great joy and shared with many.

With Love

Michael Brant De Maria

Woodland Voices Flutes are by far my favorite flutes in my collection.  Their woodland voicing is something I have searched for since receiving my first Hawk Little John flute Hawk made for me close to 20 years ago now.  I searched for years for a flute that had a similar feel, tone, heart and soul.  I have found that in Colyn and Kitty’s amazing flutes.  These flutes (including the amazing contrabass flutes featured on the Heart of Silence album on the Sounds True Label I recorded with Peter Kater) are not only incredible healing instruments, but concert quality works of art. I use them regularly in my sound healing work, concerts and recordings and can’t say enough about the quality, care and love that Colyn and Kitty go into making them. I highly recommend these flutes and it’s an honor to have them in my collection.

Michael Brant DeMaria



Hey Colyn and Kitty-just emailing to let you know that I got my beautiful new low G flute just now. I have to say that I m absolutely awestruck by the beauty of this wonderful flute. The sound is magnificent-very low and haunting – exactly what I was looking for in that regard. The workmanship is outstanding as usual-I loooovve the way the cedar imparts such a haunting quality to the flute. And Kitty-my gawd it is like you are psychic – the rendering of Flash the owl just left me thunderstruck – you so nailed the look in her eyes and just everything about her. As well you got the landscape surrounding the center so perfect-it’s like you visited the place-with the rolling hills merging into the Rocky mountains- all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rendering of her spirit flying aloft just took my breath away-with that slight aura surrounding her-just beautiful.   I am somewhat emotional right now as I am being assailed by memories of Flash, My Father, and Tara the dog we had at that time-but then that is what the magic of this flute has come to symbolize for me. Anyways you two – I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart – this is easily the most beautiful looking and sounding flute in my collection – many, many thanks.

All My best- Dennis Hanna

Oh Kitty,
It is so beautiful and the sound is heavenly.
My sister-in-law played it for an hour as she is
a concert clarinetist... She said it was the finest
sounding flute she had ever heard or played... She is
a perfectionist and she wants to take the flute to
her rehearsal on Saturday. She plays first chair
clarinetist for the Dayton.Ohio Pharm. Orchestra
let Colyn read this so he knows how good he is...
Thank you. Closer to Christmas I shall get my sister-in-law
one of his flutes... OK


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This flute is exquisitely crafted. The woodburn art is nicely executed. In short, it is a beautiful composition for the eyes. In addition, it feels so good in your hands, the smoothness, the weight and balance are pure harmony for the hands.

But when it comes to playing, it is breathtaking. First the mouth opening is a bit wider than in many other flutes, and it was actually much easier to play, specially with mouth and tongue tricks. And the sound was pure, clear, and quite loud for such a lower tone flute. The sound was like a muse to the soul...a total inspiration.

I cannot recall any other flute that was such a pleasure to see, feel, and play all at once. Congratulations on accomplishing this masterpiece.

Best Regards,
Frankie Sierra

Colyn, Colyn, Colyn,

I just received my WRC F# and had to force myself to put it down so I can express my many thanks. It has exceeded my expectations. It looks and sounds fantastic! My wife Nita says this one sounds the best of all my flutes. Your workmanship is superb. The sound quality is clear, loud, and resonate. The back-pressure is perfect and the mouthpiece is very comfortable. The three-hole Osage block is both stylish and complimentary.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Many blessings to you and your family.