Shin-Sei Shakuhachi
by Colyn Petersen
Custom Artwork By Kitty Brougham

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Wooden Shakuhachi following the tradition of Peter Ross

Offering fine shakuhachi in domestic as well as exotic woods.

Jiari bore fashioned after a favorite 1.8s of the 1970's
Why a double taper bore profile ?

Medium bore, big Ro, capable of playing Honkyoku, Dokyoku, Gaikyoku, Minyo and Jazz.
Open versatile flutes that can take plenty of air.

Standard 1.8 key of D
1.6 key of E coming soon
Arabian tuning.

Finished inside and out with polymerized waxed button schellac for a durable, beautiful non toxic finish

Auditions available, please inquire by phone or e-mail.

To be added to an In-stock Shin-Sei Shakuhachi Mailing list, simply send an e-mail with "Shin-Sei Mailing list" in the subject line and you will be included in future mailings.

402-932-6894 then press 1

Woodland Voices Flutes, Musical Instruments - Dealers, Omaha, NE

Each flute comes with a hand made utaguchi cover--designed by Perry Yung, crafted by Sam Petersen.
Good for Anasazi flutes too. Please specify diameter of your flute 1 1/2" below blowing edge.

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It is not our intention to replace bamboo, we love the stuff. We simply seek to provide an affordable highly functional natural materials flute that can go places that make us nervous were we to take our prized bamboo shakuhachi. Much of the traditional music that we play these days was written on the trail between monestaries. These flutes are intended to give that experience of nature back to the player as inspiration but without the worry of low humidity, accident or direct sunlight situations. We at Shin Sei Shakuhachi do not feel the need to imitate the shape of bamboo. Wood is beautiful in its own right and has much spirit as well as a great sound. For the student or the professional, as a backup, travel flute or as a main instrument, a Shin-Sei shakuhachi will serve you well.

All flutes are A=440 unles otherwise specified and reach into the third octave.
All 1.8 Shakuhachi have 2 cm mouth openings and 18mm bell openings.

Feedback considered and appreciated

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Back View
Macasser Ebony 1.8 (54.6 cm Key of D) 386 grams, 11mm holes

Ebonized Curly Maple 1.8 (54.4 cm Key of D) 262 grams, 11mm holes

Figured Bubinga 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) 318 grams, 11mm holes

Ambrosia Maple 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) 237 grams, 11mm holes

Jatoba 1.8 (54.4 cm Key of D) 360 grams, 11mm holes

Burled Walnut 1.815 (54.7 cm Key of D) Unusual grain, 221 grams, 10mm holes

Black Cherry 1.8 with Cherry Blossoms Wood Burning & Prisma Color
(54.5 cm Key of D) 246 grams, 11mm holes

Black Cherry 1.8 with Japanese Scene Wood Burning & Prisma Color
(54.55 cm Key of D) Lightweight, rich tone, 302 grams, 11mm holes

Goncalo Alves 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) 317 grams, 11mm holes

Fire Darkened Spanish Cedar 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) Lightweight, rich tone, 209 grams, 11mm holes

Yellowheart (with barbor pole curl) 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) 332 grams, 11mm holes

Ebonized Curly Maple 1.8 (54.55 cm Key of D) 248 grams, 11mm holes

Figured Purpleheart 1.8 (54.5 cm Key of D) Solid, bright, 353 grams, 10mm holes


Shin-Sei Shakuhachi
2002 Deer Park Blvd
Omaha, NE 68108



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International orders must pay with PayPal.

Insured Priority Mail Shipping within the United States is $15. Most International orders ship Global Express for $50.

Return Policy
Shin-Sei Shakuhachi are Guaranteed in workmanship and materials as well as for tuning. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of construction, the sound or the tuning of your flute, you may return it in its original condition within a reasonable period of time (14-21 days) for a complete refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. There are no restocking fees. Damaged audition flutes may be subject to repair/refinishing fees.