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We have several wood burning designs to choose from. Browsing through the Sold Gallery is a good place to start if you are looking for ideas about how to customize your flute. Wood burnings can range from $25 on up depending on coverage and complexity. Example: to add a word or small simple symbol somewhere could be as low as $25, Other all-flute designs with intricate wood burning and color may be anywhere from $150 on up, depending on complexity, coverage, research time involved, and the size of the flute. Just call 402-932-6894 and ask for Kitty.


The process of customizing your flute can be a very profound experience. Some of the most amazing flutes I have done have been the result of a highly collaborative process where the customer talks to me about totem animals, transformative places or experiences, favorite flowers or their heritage. As they talk, I am flooded with images and the way they would appear on the flute. In describing what I see, I often find some element is included in my vision that was not mentioned out loud, but which has specific meaning. I also have had a specific vision in my head of a flute I wish to create and then have someone call up and request it! This was the case with a spawning salmon flute.

I have had the honor of designing memorial flutes, wedding and anniversary flutes and flutes that are commissioned to mark an important passage such as independence from an abusive relationship or facing a terminal illness. We have flutes being used in hospitals and hospices. The flute and your experience with it is sure to go beyond that of acquiring a material possession, it is a much more wholistic experience. This can be especially true with a customized flute. Open yourself to the possibilities. When I am not doing artwork on flutes, I work as a psychotherapist and there is a continuity between these two roles. I see my work with people as an art form and my art as work with people.

I also like to find ways to surprise and delight, whether it is by following your vision to the tiniest detail, or by including some little extra you never expected. I take my work very seriously and make each flute one of a kind, even if asked to copy something from the flute gallery. The exception to this is signature series flutes, where consistency is the mark of highest quality.

Feel free to be very specific in your custom requests. You may also want a fairly faithful copy of a flute you see in the sold gallery. But I am also open to creating a special design for you with only a general discussion of possibilities, or even something general like "make it colorful" or "something with flowers and no color" or "a woodland scene, and be sure to include an animal or two". In cases where you leave the design to me, consider what you would like to pay for the artwork, this will guide me in how elaborate and extensive to make your design.

I also do artwork that is not commissioned and these flutes can be seen on the In-Stock Page. The best time to find flutes with artwork available for sale is after flute shows (unless they all sell out!) Check the Announcements on the home page to see if there is a show coming up.


I came to wood burning in a somewhat unusual way. I have a degree in studio art and have many years experience creating both objective and non-objective artwork. I am most experienced with pencil drawing with realistic shading and a light touch and this translated to the way I approached my wood burning. But my work evolved into pieces that was very multimedia, often incorporating unusual materials or approaches. This carries over in my work on the flute which often incorporates different paints, pens and burning techniques to create special effects.

Working in isolation without exposure to wood burning and wood burning equipment or techniques, I handle my Detail Master J-tip like a pencil and use the variable heat to shade and include tiny details. I work with only this one tip, and after 7 years I have developed such an intimate familiarity with what it can do that the wood burning has become a very intuitive comfortable process.

Since becoming a pyrographer my work has evolved. The challenges that you, the customers, have thrown my way have been responsible for my growth in skill and confidence. Through this shared inspiration I am stretched and continue to develop both my wood burning skills and my use of color.

I thank all of the wonderful flute owners out there who have collaborated with me. And I invite you to challenge me again!

Kitty Brougham

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