Flute Maker's Five
(Coming Again Soon)

Periodically Woodland Voices will be offering 5, Flute Makers Choice (FM5), in-stock flutes. Because these flutes are intuitively inspired and there is no pressure on me to have any particular key or wood, I will be offering them at roughly a 15% discount. These flutes will be available for immediate shipping. The discount on these flutes will be represented in the price shown and may not be used in conjunction with the World Flute Society discount. Occasionally we will offer an Artists Choice decorated flute for a one time special deal as well. Please check in to see what's on the menu. First come first serve. If you are not on the notification e-mail list and would like to be just ask.

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Heartwood Cherry Mid D
with Purpleheart block and Lightning Band Art

Heartwood Cherry Mid C#
with Tamarind Block and Burned Rings


Aspen Walkabout Walking Stick Flute in E
with Purpleheart block and Woodland Wrap

Fire Treated Spanish Cedar Low C with Curly Maple Block and Woodland Wrap

Artist's Special: Myrtlewood Low Bb with Mulberry Block,
Woodland Wrap and Firefly Art
(glow in the dark fireflies)

Plus Section
Periodically we may add items to this section in addition to our regular FM5 These items generally are previously owned (by us) instruments, but may include other interesting things as well.

All sales of items that I did not create are final.

Perry Yung Earth Model 2.5 (G#)
in Black Bamboo
(Requires a longer finger stretch)
Comes with cloth bag and utaguchi cover

Chikuho 2.2 (B) Comes with utaguchi cover & cloth bag

Maker: Chikuho, not from Chikuho School
Hanko: Chikuho (2) 1 upper, 1 lower,
One "Retuned by Ku Setsu" (Monty Levenson)
Material: Japanese Madake
Utaguchi: Kinko
Overall Length: 67cm (26 1/4")
Bore width: Medium/narrow (inside: 22mm mouth end)
Circumference below utaguchi: 31mm
Utaguchi inlay material: silver-lined, acrylic
Bore lining: black jiari
Joint: rattan inlaid gold rings, inside newly refreshed with snug fit
Root/bell width: 49mm outside diameter; 19mm inside diameter
Age: 30 years approximately
Weight: 361 grams
Hole size: Medium
Condition: Excellent, newly refurbished and fully bound by Monty Levenson
Repairs: 1 Hairline surface crack vertical through thumbhole, 2 on side by upper joint, one on back by node below joint; All bound and stable, will not spread if kept properly humidified.
Comments: A narrower piece of bamboo, but plays easily and evenly throughout with rich tone into the 3rd octave. Judged worthy by Monty.
Price: $750 OBO Estimated Value: $1200
Reasonable offers only please

Circle of Harmony
Songs In Fifth Harmony
Native American Flute Duets By
Mac Lopez & Brian McNulty

$10 (Unopened)
$3 Shipping

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